You are free to be yourself in a Aquipode venue!


What is AquiPode?

Aquipode is an online guide where you search based on your needs. It accepts those who are 'different' and values establishments that care to adapt in order to welcome you in the best way possible.


What is a AquiPode venue?

AquiPode is a place that accepts you the way you are. It has been adapted to your needs in order to welcome you.

AquiPode and

Following the success of AquiPode, the Brazilian collaborative guide, we have decided to provide English-speaking foreigners coming to Brazil with the same information available to Brazilian users. Here you will be able to search for places that are 'good for dogs, good for kids and good for bikes' - and many more (view list below).




The Aquipode's are good for...


big people:

With strong and comfortable seats, with strong and comfortable beds (Hotels / Inns), with strong and comfortable furniture (Entertainment / Shopping Malls).


With adapted restrooms and accesses for wheelchair users, with bedrooms for wheelchair users (Hotels / Inns).


With outdoor area where smokers can eat, drink and socialize (smoker friendly); with smoking bedrooms (Hotels / Inns); with comfortable outdoor area for smokers (Entertainment / Shopping Malls), with outdoor area for smokers - food and beverage service may be unavailable (Nightclubs).


With outdoor area where you are allowed to stay with your dog (pet-friendly), pet-friendly bedrooms - dogs allowed (Hotels / Inns), where dogs are allowed (Entertainment), where dogs are allowed - except within food courts - (Shopping Malls).


Free WiFi provided


With bike parking area.


With diaper changing facilities; with infrastrucure for babies (Hotels / Inns).


With special seats for children (with or without play area or activities); with play area or activities (Hotels / Inns).

in english:

With English menu, with English-speaking reception (Hotels / Inns), with English-speaking reception and/or signage in English (Entertainment).

night owls:

Open until very late, or 24h services, with 24h reception (Hotels / Inns).


With vegetarian/vegan options on the menu, with venues offering vegetarian/vegan options on the menu (Shopping Malls / Entertainment).


if starred...

starred+ visually/hearing impaired
starred+ bike rack
starredactivities for children
starredmenu in other languages; other languages spoken (hotels/inns, shopping malls, entertainment)
starred24h services.
starredvegetarian / vegan venue



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